Sunday, 19 June 2011

Crocheting my way to survival

Today has been great.  There's not been much going on, but nevertheless, it's been a good day.  It's rare that we have a day with all of us at home and nothing on the calendar, so it was good just to be able to potter for once.  I managed to get a bit of cleaning done (thank god, it needed doing so badly.  It'd got to the point where you couldn't stay still for too long or you'd stick.  Nice)  I also managed to sneak in a bit of furtive crocheting.  I'm rather exicted about my new crochet book (which I will share with you in the next day or two, promise) and I got a bit carried away making some rather lovely little things from it.
It's been Father's Day here in England and so the day started with a family breakfast; croissants being the breakfast of choice for Mr N:
How spooky that the children should choose this as a present, it will be simply perfect for our forthcoming festival trip...
We had one of those hilarious family conversations at breakfast that makes you realise your children are, despite the odds, turning out to be quite brilliant human beings.  I was telling the boys about Desert Island Discs (as you do), which got us talking about what our luxury item would be if we were stranded on a desert island.  After a bit of a ponder, Mr N and I both said we'd have a dog (rather freaky I think, given the number of possible things we could have said).  Then Mr N had a bit more of a ponder and decided that, on balance, he'd actually prefer to have Bear Grylls as he'd be at least as useful as Ray Mears, but probably more fun to be stuck on an island with (and easier on the eye, I think).  The boys decided they'd have a year's supply of chocolate and an iPod (hmmmm, could be a bit of an issue with re-charging your mp3 there, big nut!)  Then, in a moment of inspiration, middle nut said 'no, no, mummy.  You'd have to have all your crochet things, then you could crochet your way to survival.'  Me: 'Really?  I think that's a great idea, it would certainly keep me sane'.  MN: 'No.  I mean, you could crochet an aeroplane and fly off the island.'  Now that's pure genius. x


  1. That is adorable!!!
    I love kids perception that you can do anything!!!

  2. I think it could be done. I mean I have crochet a seaworthy boat. Kidding, of course, in case you hadn't guessed!

  3. How sweet is that. It would be a first! You can always start on a prototype! :) xxx

  4. You have a genius! or two!
    I love the the things they come out with, hope we remember them all
    glad you had a lovely day
    j x

  5. What a brilliant idea from middle nut, I'm sure it could be possible.... hhmmm.. :S

    Sounds like my kind of day! I'm having one of them today as Ray is working til 8pm.. although, like you.. I really need to get some cleaning done!

    Ashley xxx

  6. I love the marmite plate and mug, love them! I almost bought a set of Marmite tins at Waitrose the other day but behaved myself. I think actually your little one could have woven you a boat from willow, given his recent offering, and saved you all on a desert island! I am still impressed about that.

    Your pattern is fab, really clear, thank you for putting it on. I'm making it a tiny bit wider (my 21 stitches would be much skinnier than yours). I'll probably just need a hand when it comes to the edging. Can't wait to do my ta dah! I am really enjoying having something non-fiddly to do, rows are the way forward! I am using a mix of cotton DK for my blanket - Patons 100% cotton DK and Wendy Supreme Luxury Cotton DK. The Wendy yarn is quite soft but I was only able to get it in the paler colours in my local store so I chose Patons to have a choice of brighter colours. It's really nice to work with but feels more cool and crisp than soft, if you know what I mean? (sorry, I'm rubbish with this stuff.)
    I still need to put the recipe on my blog for the almond cake. I'll do that this week, it's delish.
    Have a lovely week! Nicki xx

  7. Such inspiration! They know you well! Cx