Monday, 27 June 2011

Finally...springtime throw ta-dah!

Finally: five months, 1200g of yarn and 300 squares later...the springtime throw is complete!  Hooray!!!
And I am so pleased!  I feel such a huge sense of achievement at having completed this and I almost can't believe I actually saw it through all the way to the end.  For my entire crocheting life, this project has been lurking in the background, sometimes ignored, but always there waiting for when I was at a bit of a loose end, crochet-wise.  I love the idea of having something big like this to pootle away at when I feel like it, when there's no instant gratification project on the go; and I've already decided what my next blanket is going to be like (well, almost, I just need to find The Square to work it in.  I'm not sure what The Square will look like, but I'll know it when I see it.  I had thought I'd make it with the square in this month's Mollie Makes, but I think it might be a bit of a yarn-eater.  Hmmmm...maybe circles within a square?  I'd love to know if anyone has any suggestions.)  Edit: I completely forgot to say before I published this post: if you are thinking about making this blanket, I would recommend two things: 1) when laying the squares out before you join them together, make sure you look at how the edge colours and the middle colours are lain out, to ensure you don't end up with two squares with the same colours in next to each other (not that I forgot to check the middle colours, or anything...)  2) If you want to add a granny stripe edging like I did, I really recommend reading Jacquie's tutorial for how to make a flat border for granny square blankets.  I didn't see this before I started my edge and I have to say, it is a bit wavy.  You live and learn, eh?...
Middle has already claimed it as his own:
This blanket lives in the sitting room, and every time I come into the room, I find it lying on the beanbag, which is Middle's 'spot'.  Today I came in to find it lain over ALL the cushions from both sofas, which were spread ALL over the floor (something to do with pirates, apparently).
And it did a really good job on Saturday at Fantastic Mr Fox.  Check me out with the healthy-looking picnic:
I say 'healthy-looking', because what we were all really after was this:
Carrot sticks?  Pah! x


  1. very beautiful - love the colours!
    liking how you're not being precious that someone is eating with it on their lap...!
    fee x

  2. the blanket is gorgeous, isn't it a lovely feeling when you finish something that huge?

  3. Fantastic crochet blanket! Love all the blues x

  4. Your blanket looks gorgeous! Yay well done you!!! :)

    Jo x

  5. The colours are beautiful! Just the kind of blanket to snuggle under! Well Done! Cx

  6. Wow, well done Emily. It's so much work isn't it? A beautiful blanket. xxx

  7. it looks absolutely beautiful, love the colours and the edging looks amazing.
    picnic looks jolly nice too :o)
    j x

  8. I love your blanket - such gorgeous colours. I've been toying with the idea of making this one but am not sure I have the patience!
    I've just stumbled across your lovely blog, and I'll be back soon!!

  9. It's gorgeous - you definitely have plenty of patience to make so many squares. Isn't it funny how a certain little person shows virtually no interest in what you're making until it's finished and then they swoop on it and claim it as theirs! My eldest did the exact same thing with the first crochet blanket I made. xxx

  10. Much credit for both that thing of beauty and your ability to let food be eaten anywhere near OCD like nature (I've inherited it from my husband) would make me have people wash their hands before even touching it.
    Hmm I realise I now have a child...I'm doomed aren't I?!?
    Nelly xxx

  11. The blanket is oh so gorgeous! I love it! :-)
    Your choice of colours is really lovely, it's different to anything I've seen around. I'm glad Middle loves the blanket.. it does look very snuggly...! That bar of dairymilk looks sooo good, I wish I wasn't on this diet!!

    Ashley xxx

  12. Emily what a fantastic effort and your blanket is just stunning, well done.
    Gorgeous colours they remind me of a berry rippled icecream, yuuuummmeee.......

    Pirates in your neck of the woods certainly have good taste too.

    A wonderful feeling of satisfaction and achievement.......

    Claire :}

  13. Oh Wow,well done! that blanket is stunning!Well worth all the hard workxxx

  14. Ohhhhhh!!!!! Gorgeous!!!! Well done! It looks gorgeous. Now that you and Coco Rose have finished them it makes me want to make one even more! Desperately so.

    That's a very healthy picnic - where's the cake?! Whenever I take lunch anywhere, be it work or for a picnic, I always pack healthy stuff and I always pack a few naughties. The bananas and apples are always the things that come home with me! I love your picnic blanket too, by the way.

    I am getting on very nicely with my scarf - half way through it now. I LOVE making it, I love crocheting in rows, it's completely mindless and not at all fiddly. I have a free weekend coming up so I'm going to get to the edging, I've made a promise to myself.

    Sorry for the long comment - it's been a while since I waffled on your blog!

    Nicki xx