Thursday, 30 June 2011

Crochet update - June

Mmmmmmmm.......elderflower cakes with whipped mascarpone icing...........delicious and really, really slimming.  (Okay, so one of those facts isn't strictly true...)
So apart from stuffing my face with fat-busting cakes, I've also been quite active on the crochet-front over the past month:
Oh, gosh, that looks like a finished springtime throw...
Then in a frenzy of activity since finishing my throw, I've made these:
Not 'leprosy chic', as Mr N rather unkindly called them (something to do with Ben Hur, apparently.  Don't know what he's talking about, I just ignored him, with a rather superior air to my being), but actually wrist warmers, craftily made from scraps of yarn from my stash:
Just need to wait about four months til I can actually wear them.
And, keeping up with the Bunting Appreciation Society theme, I've made this:
I used up the left over yarn from my little flower squares cushion for this; the pattern for the larger heart I found on Ravelry, and the smaller heart comes from the lovely Julia's blog.
While I was taking this photo, my crochet assistant was on hand as usual, making sure all was okay with my toe nails:
I've been teaching her how to open nail varnish bottles so that next time she can make herself really useful. x
Oooh, and how could I have forgotten my hellebores?


  1. you have been busy- love the throw, wrist warmers and bunting- all so cute. But most of all, love your crochet assistant!!!
    That is the cutest picture!!!

  2. A lot of gorgeousness! I need an assistant like that...mine is at the stage she just wants to paint her own nails!! Cx

  3. all so lovely. And now when I'm in the yarn aisle at JL I'll be wondering if it's you next to me!!
    (you'll know it's me because I'll be looking vacant!)
    Block under control (hook to follow - guessing the block is priority?)
    fee x
    (soz to digress)

  4. You've been busy! Loving your makes & the blanket looks oh so snuggly :) What a sweet crochet assistant you have. That's such a cute photo of a it.

    Jo x

  5. Gosh you have been busy!
    the heart bunting is so sweet, it is amazing what you can do with left over wool.
    By the way your little assistant look adorable
    j x

  6. Loving the wrist warmers, which reminds me I have an unfinished pair for my eldest which need sorting out. Seeing as you are on a roll, do you fancy rectifying the mistakes I made whilst making them?! xx