Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Muddy strawberries and little pots of lovely

My small attempt to bring a little bit of summer to my soggy neck of the woods...
...and proof that, despite all the rain, some things are managing to survive in my allotment:
(ha ha - look - it's actually sunny in this photo.  That was in the bright spell we had from 4.00 - 4.15 a week ago yesterday.)
I love these little jugs of flowers that are gently shedding their petals all over my house, they cheer me up a bit when all I really want to do is hide my head under a duvet and sob 'where, oh where is the sun???'
Strawberries help a bit too, especially when they're served with a vast mound of cream with icing sugar and vanilla.  These babies, however, were presented with a side serving of mud, courtesy of small, who mistook the trug for a bucket and helpfully emptied a trowelful of earth into it:
They actually tasted amazing once I'd thoroughly washed them and cut the wildlife out of them.
And here's a peek at something else that's been making me smile when I see it:
...it's not middle's drunken-looking teddy (ah, he does love that bear - aka 'smelly ted' - he's lost almost all his stuffing, has more repairs round his bottom than actual fabric, and stinks like something you might find if you were to have a rummage around at the bottom of a wheelie bin, but he's as much a member of the family as middle himself).  
Can you see what's just behind the much-repaired bear's bum?  Eeeeeeee - it's an in-use all star blanket!!! More on that when we get our next five-minute sunny slot so I can take some photos. x
PS - Just to say that I'm sorry I've been so rubbish at commenting on blogs lately - I can't leave comments from my phone (which is how I read a lot of blogs), trying to comment from mr n's ipad makes me want to weep with frustration, and the laptop usually has a small boy attached to it.  I do read all your lovely blogs and I am constantly inspired by what I see and read, so thank you x


  1. Hey Emily, isn't it nice to have jugs/vases of flowers around the house even if it's just a mixed posy?.......

    The strawberries look absolutely delicious....have you ever tried them cut up with a sprinkle of caster sugar and a small amount of Balsamic vinegar....yuuuuuuummmyy.
    So nice to see the all star blanket getting used and Stinky Ted looks like he's checking to see if anyone is hiding under the bed!!
    Hope you get some sunshine soon. It's damp here too we've had 3 inches of rain in 24 hours, squelch, squelch......

    Claire :}

  2. Hi Emily, love those jugs/vases of flowers you have dotted around the house, something I would be doing to cheer myself up if was going through a miserable excuse for a summer. I feel so sorry for you guys in the U.K. and really hope you get some warm weather, clear skies and sunshine soon.
    I love smelly ted, in fact the more squashed and worn teddies are the better. My youngest daughter (19) still has her teddy in bed with her at night. His face is all squashed in, he's georgeously well loved. The adventures that teddy has had! Although he didn't get to go on the French school trip 4 years ago 'cos losing a teddy in France when you live in Australia was just too much of a risk. Man, did he sulk when she was away! :)
    Have a fab day,
    Anne xx

  3. There is just nothing more precious then a well loved bear. My oldest had a stuffed Elmo, of my it went everywhere with us. My youngest had a Teletubby, that was loved as much as your bear. So lovely your little ones can get such joy and comfort from a lovely friend.

  4. Ahhh lovely post :) I have exactly the same problem with phones and ipads....I got the laptop right now cos the girls are trying to wake up for school! Lol. Lets hope we get some sun soon. Bloody rain is boring!

    Jo x x x

  5. Ah, lovely Emily, at the end of this post I simply wish to chime in 'the weather is just as glum in France'! I feel your frustration. We need to soak up the sun at this time of year(and here in the Loire Valley it is usually ridiculously hot) and it is evident most people are not their usual cheery selves.

    I love your little patches of sun which you have managed to bring in from the allotment though. And I have the very same Pip Studio milk jug gracing my shelves at home.


  6. Gosh, those sweet peas are stunning, I bet they smell gorgeous. Your strawbs are impressive get you, Mrs. allotment!

    Well done on the blanket, looking forward to the TA-dah....we have a moose owned by biggest boy which is in similar state/smell as you ted....it was bought in Canada by my mum, so no replacements about, but then I'm guessing it wouldn't be the same without the lingering stench!

  7. Ooooh i am so excited to see your blanket.... come on sunshine!
    my son had a little red mouse (still has it and he is 18!) poor little thing has also has more mending than body left, he is so loved to death.
    pretty flowers :o)
    love jooles x

  8. Your little pots of lovely are, um, lovely! I adore the orange in blue combo at the top ... a proper hint of summer :D

    Come on sun, we need to see that blanket!

  9. All your photos look so sunny, how did you manage that?!

  10. Flowers and strawberries - evidence that it is summer, despite all evidence otherwise! What a great harvest from your allotment, well done you.

    I have found myself wanting to photograph rays of sunlight falling on mundane things because I am so sun starved, I'm all "SUN - GET THE CAMERA!!" The behaviour of a mad woman, surely. xx

  11. Gosh you're doing well on the growing front - strawberries and flowers - a very happy combination!! Am very excited bout the blanket ta dah. I'd love to have a go at something like that for my little boy. Never seen a star block before - but I'm new to crochet, and can't wait to have a proper look!! Thanks, J9 x

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