Sunday, 15 July 2012

All star blanket ta-dah!

I've given up waiting for the sun (this weekend has been notable in that we have had 'only a very little bit' of rain) and so I've taken some gloomy photos of my latest make, so that I can legitimately get cracking with the next one.  Is it normal to feel that I can't start my next blanket (for it has to be a blanket - I do love them so) until I've blogged about my last one?  That the project isn't really done until it's been posted? it all star blanket.  Ta-dah!!!!!
Can you see the slightly serrated effect along the edge where the grey colour joins on to the cream?  I really love this stitch, which I think is called saw stitch.  It's made by doing a double crochet, chain one, miss next stitch, double crochet, chain one, miss next stitch, double crochet...etc and I think I'm going to use it for my next blanket.  I'm picturing lovely irregular width stripes in creams and greens and pinks, and I'm picturing me tucked up underneath it on my comfy, comfy new sofa, crochet hook in hand, glass of wine nearby...
But back to the blanket in hand:
I first saw the design on Pinterest and loved it so much that I bought the book - Crocheted Gifts: Irresistible Projects To Make And Give by Kim Werker - I have to point out here that I'd debate the validity of the word 'irresistible'; this is probably the only thing I'll make from this book - but for me it was worth buying it for this pattern alone as I just love it so much.  It's written in American terms and so I found it easier to translate it first - I get in a right old muddle when things are written in American, my poor old brain can't cope - and as it turns out, I nearly couldn't cope with this pattern even when it was written in English!  The first star-in-a-circle-in-a-square took me about an hour of head scratching and frogging and muttering under my breath, but I'm pleased to report that I could knock them up pretty quickly once I'd got the hang of them.
I used Rico Creative Cotton, which I bought from here, and I needed: two balls of each of the two star colours; four balls of the light blue circle colour; sixteen balls of the main cream colour; and one ball of the grey edge colour.  The finished blanket is about the same size as the top of a single bed (excluding the bit where the pillow goes) and middle absolutely loves it.  He loves it so much, in fact, that it travels around the house with him - he even has his breakfast wrapped up in it (yes, it really is that cold in July...) and that makes it extra lovely for me.
And as if all that crocheting wasn't enough to satisfy my urge to make things, I had a very busy two hours at the allotment this morning harvesting a tonne of rhubarb, some strawberries, sweet peas, marigolds and a mountain of blackcurrants. My afternoon was spent turning this:
...into lovely jars of blackcurrant jam.  Oh, in fact, if I listen very carefully, I think I can hear my toaster calling me.  Yep, it definitely wants some attention and, frankly, I am powerless to resist the lure of a slice of toast with loads of butter and a thick layer of this yummy jam.  Soz, gotta dash... x


  1. I am soooo jealous of this blanket it is so my is definitely in my future....I do love fact, I'm guessing I actually love them more than you!

    Go you, making your jam....I'm a sucker for bramble jelly on toast with lashings of you've got me thinking about my toaster!

  2. Toast and home made jam, deserve it Emily, you have been very industrious......

    The blanket is just fabulous, love the colours and it's going to be loved to bits (not literally!!) by Middle...

    Definitely not odd to feel the way you do about blogging and starting new's just tidying up and finishing everything off and putting the full stop at the end of the project......

    Wishing you some sunny days.....grey, wet and gloomy here, perfect for spending the day inside near the heater, might even be a bit of crochet action happening....

    Claire x

  3. It's gorgeous! I love the star pattern. I know it is well beyond my basic capabilities so I admire, hushed with awe, from afar. It's seriously lush. Well done you, it must've taken ages. I also don't feel a project is "done" until it's been on the blog - silly i know! x

  4. Okay that star patten is so perfect. I love the new blanket and can see why you would want to jump right in and make one. I really love it, well done.

  5. Your blanket is wonderful. I love the pattern and colour combinations. Thanks for adding the link for the yarn supplier. They ship to international destinations, YAY.
    Have a fab week,
    Anne xx

  6. Congrats on finishing the blanket. It is really lovely. I like the way you combined the colors. Thanks for posting the pics.

  7. What a stunning blanket. I love the colours and it goes perfectly with the sofa! xx

  8. your blanket is amazing!!!
    xxxx Alessandra

  9. Homemade jam! Yum! Your blanket is beautiful. Love the colors. I've heard the single crochet, chain one stitch called a linen or woven stitch - similar to your dc, ch 1 across. I started to try and do it last night but my chains were a little tight so it was hard to work it out. Will give it a go with a larger hook another time. Have a fabulous week. Tammy

  10. I think I might NEED some of the blackcurrent variety to see if it matches up to the splendid rhubarb!
    LOVING your blanket - and have plans for the book - for me and for you!
    fee x

  11. Beautiful blanket, I love the colours. I could do with some of that toast and jam too! Liz xx

  12. What a blanket! it is absolutely amazing and gorgeous...such an unusual design...sounds a bit complicated for my small brain though!
    Blackcurrant jam is my all time fave and you are making my mouth water....mmmmmmmm ;o)
    happy new week to you
    love jooles x

  13. Ooooooh Emily I love your blanket!! If it were mine I would eat my breakfast wrapped up in it too! Just brilliant. Love Rico :)

    Blackcurrant jam is always my jam of choice. I've never had homemade. I bet it's to die for!

    Happy toasting :)

    Jo x x x

  14. Wow the blanket looks brillaint. I see what you mean about the saw stitch, I love it, it finsihes it off perfectly x x x x

  15. The blanket is gorgeous :D And I love blackcurrant jam! So I'm envious two times over :D

  16. Oh what a gorgeous blanket! I love the colors, the pattern, everything! You did amazing job!!!

  17. Yummy scrummy. Can you put some toast and jam on for me and I'll take a wee cup of tea if you're offering!

    Your blanket is absolutely amazing. I love the stars. So beautiful. It's so different too and the colours are perfect!

    I'm relatively new to your blog and I just love it. So happy to have stumbled across it!

    Helen xx

  18. Gorgeous blanket I love your colour choices, I'm currently crocheting this one, in a red, white and blue (with a bit of grey) colourway. Can I ask your advice though, I'm having lots of trouble turning the star into a circle, I can't seem to get the right number of stitches (I think it's 40 offhand), I think it has something to do with the initial joining of colour and single crochet into the first stitch. Do you have any tips?

  19. Your blanket is just beautiful! I have trouble joining squares together...maybe one day I will get it right!

  20. What a beautiful blanket, Emily! I share your love of blankets (and quilts) ...just can't stop making them! What did you think of the Creative Cotton? It's my absolute favourite! Hope to see you soon! xxx

  21. It's me again, just to "hello" and thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! Your work is just wonderful! I look forward to enjoying your new creations soon! :)
    You have a great day!!
    Hugs, LS x

  22. Oh my that blanket is just gorgeous. Check out your crotchet skills.
    Perhaps when speaking to my sister about her plans for that book you could suggest that such a blanket might make a good gift for a new baby, say in neutral ish colours...

    Nelly x x x

    P.s I can still taste the sugar crust ion that cardamom cake, lovely to see you x x

  23. Hello Emily,

    I miss your posts but at least by returning several times I get to gaze at your beautiful blanket; such summery colours!

    If you get the chance you might like to see the latest hares I've been working on...

    Warmest wishes,


  24. Hi Emily, what a lovely blanket! It's really pretty with the stars. I would love to invite you to the link party that's on my blog every Saturday and Sunday. I was hoping you would like to add your star blanket? Or anything else you like ofcourse. I hope to see you there!
    Best wishes, Annemarie

  25. Wow! Just beautiful! So lovely to see something a bit different from the usual stuff too. I love it! x

  26. LOVE it!!
    Funnily enough, I am just beginning a granny square cushion cover using RICO cotton too- I just love the colours!
    Have a great week.

  27. Hi Emily, this is my first visit to your blog and what a gorgeous blanket to greet me!! It's absolutely stunning. Well done, you : -)

  28. Hello, Emily! I like your starry blanket a lot! Took loads of patience and hard work !! Well done. I also just adore blackcurrant's fragrance... my parents also have it at their dacha, so i like to brew tea with blackcurrant, cherry, raspberry leaves and mint. have you tried it?;)

  29. Hi! I enjoyed reading your blog! I was wondering if you could help me out with the all star blanket. I borrowed this book from the library and forgot to write the instructions to make the star square. Would you be able to send me the instructions to my email so I could finish the blanket?

  30. Love your blanket!

    I'm currently in the process of making one and agree with your comment about it taking some time to figure the square. I tried quite a few different times (walk away for awhile and then come back type tries) but finally got it figured out.

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