Saturday, 14 April 2012

We ♥ Turkey

Ah, maaaaaan, we had the BEST time ever on our hols and we're all feeling a little bit glum and like we're drowning under a big mound of dirty clothes and mysteriously-appearing sand (how does it find its way into so many places?)
I've just come across this photo whilst looking through my holiday pics:
and the only thing I can think is: 'how can something that so closely resembles a bowl of sheep poo be so alluring to small children just because you call it breakfast?'
And look at these two little puddings - I tell you, forget cereal that looks like animal doppings, this is what I call irresistible:
Singing 'twinkle, twinkle' on the back balcony.
I love this photo of my boys, but it also makes me feel a bit sad because they look so big and grown up and I can just see from this what they will be like when they are adults.  Am I alone in wanting to pickle my children to keep them small forever?  Are they still as cute when they're thirty (I'm absolutely certain that they won't be as cute when they're teenagers, that's for sure.  I remember what I was like when I was a teenager and the thought of the shoe being on the other foot, fills me with cold dread.)
I'm not going to bore you by going on about how amazing the food was, how friendly and kind the people were, how stunning the scenery was or how gorgeous the weather was, but suffice to say if someone came up with a viable way that I could live in Turkey and earn enough to make a living, I'd be on that plane before you could blink.  I know there are people in Turkey who read my blog and I just want to say a big 'hello' and think of me sitting in the cold and damp as you're drinking your Turkish tea in the sun.  (Sob).
Ooooh, hark at me, getting all maudlin (now there's a word).  Mr N and I have spent much of the time since we returned fantasising about buying a five-berth camper van and spending the six week summer hols driving down through Europe to Turkey (there are perks to being married to a teacher...)  We recently inherited a bit of money from Mr N's grandma and, paralysed by indecision about what to do with it, we've just left it in the bank and not really done anything with it.  My sensible head says that we should do something about our compact living arrangements with it, but my wandering heart keeps reminding me how much I love to travel, and how we always swore we'd continue travelling after we had kids, and how really there is no better time than now, while the kids are small and I've got lovely, flexible working arrangements.  Watch this space...
A little, smiley thing for you before I go: the other day, baby n and I were having a chat (crikey, that girl can talk; sometimes I feel like lying my forehead on the table and sobbing, just for a moment's peace) and she looked at me very earnestly and said 'mummy.  Cats say meaow and hippos say hip, hip, hooray' x


  1. I'm so glad to hear you had such a wonderful holiday in Turkey. I hope you share some more photos with us. Please? :)
    Your little girl is a classic. How cute, hip hip hooray. :)
    Anne xx

  2. Nice blog. I would recommend you visit Bermuda. It isn't too far away and is simply beautiful. Here is a post I did about it. Beautiful Bermuda

  3. I know how you feel - I have just got back from Jordan and am missing it sooooooo much :(


  4. ahhhh so lovely to have you back x
    those photos are so amazing and sun drenched i am not suprised that you want to be back there! i have never been to Turkey but it sure looks beautiful.
    your two are so adorable....just cute x
    love the hip hip hooray :o)
    good luck with that washing pile
    love jooles x

  5. Turkey is a lovely place for holidays. I suggest you spend your next holiday in Greece, youll be amazed by the food and scenery. One thing ive learnt from all my holidays is to avoid as much as i can the "tourist spots" and try to eat for example where locals eat. its always a huge difference.If you ever decide to come here i would love to provide any info you need!

  6. hip hip hooray you're back!
    Can't wait to hear more about your holiday - SOooo glad you had a good time.
    Money? travel. (especially since it was left to you - you owe it to her!)
    Life is too short. We have suddenly found ourselves with boys in different schools - and next year the holidays don't even overlap (both in the same LA...HOW!!!!!?) so any kind of holiday is looking tricky. We are even on the cusp of them not wanting to come withus (SOB) so we need to make the most of these family times.
    Anyway - this is a convo for JL - and we can plan the swine club. You free next week?
    fee x

  7. Oh it looks beautiful.... I've not been to Turkey before, but it is one of those places we always say we will visit one day. Awww they sound (and look) so sweet, hope they don't grow up too fast and you get lots more precious family time with them! Have a lovely Sunday xxx

  8. Hubby and I went to turkey on his very first time on a hol was amazing and we remember it all very fondly, although can't quite imagine it now three boys in tow!

    What an opportunity to travel, and as it is in your heart, you should do it, especially if you have the means to do're right now is the time while your kids can get the most from it and still want to.

    Glad you're back....looking forward to reading more.x

  9. So pleased you all had a lovely holiday! I say, sod & buy the Camper van if you can.... we only live once, life is short and the kids will be hormonal monsters before you know! Trust me! Because mine are now!!!

    Jo x x x

  10. Yay you're back! Missed you! Sounds like a wonderful holiday...great photos. That hip hip hooray thing is the cutest thing I have ever heard.

    I too want to pickle my kids and let time stand still - I think my on/off broodiness is really a reluctance to let go of the baby years... Gillian x

  11. Turkey sounds amazing, and the photos are so beautiful. I am so with you on wanting to freeze my kids. I miss them being little so much. I miss how the smelled, sounded and felt in my arms. I am happy with the young men they are becoming, but it is so sad that it goes so quickly.

    Give your boys a special hug.


  12. Looks beautiful and glad you had a beautiful time.

    Keep travelling, I would say - it's one of the best things you can do.

    Love the Hip Hip Hooray joke - so cute and funny.

    Lovely week to you.

    Liz xx

  13. Happy you had a good time in Turkey! I've been living there now for a few years, not somewhere at the beach but in Istanbul where the weather is grey and not so warm at the moment... Turkey truly is a nice place to live! If you'd decide to come to Turkey in the summer, let me know, there's such a lot of nice places to see here (also a lot of places to buy interesting crafty supplies)!

  14. Dear Emily, Hi from Turkey..:))
    It is very nice to hear good words about Turkey and your nice holiday.. I am very pleased to meet you exactly. Which city or which part did you go in Turkey.? I am living in Antakya(Antioch) but every summer my family and I go to summer places near Meditteranean sea. I joined your very nice and sweetheart blog and I am your new member from Turkey. It will be very nice to see you and your sweet family in Turkey again. And I ll be very happy to guide you.
    All best wishes...