Monday, 23 April 2012

Pants: the revenge

Apologies for the slight disappearing act - I've been hidden under a pile of 'big guwl pants'.  My very grown-up two-year-old has decided that she doesn't want to wear nappies any more, she wants to wear big girl's pants.  Fairenoughski, you might say, but the only drawback is that she doesn't actually have a clue about the whole 'wee in the potty, not your trousers' business and so, after five hundred changes of clothes, two miraculous wees on target and one poo that prompted the comment 'look mummy, it's like a snake!  I made a wiggly worm' we gave up on knickers and have reverted to good old nappies.  Much of the past couple of days has been spent in the following way: daughter strips completely (why??), sits on the potty, gets up after two nanoseconds, tells me she's done a wee, I look, tell her that no, she hasn't done a wee, she sits down again, gets up after two nanoseconds, tells me she's done a wee, I look, tell her that no, she hasn't done a wee, she sits down, gets up again after....  You get the idea.  When we actually ran out of clean trousers to put her in, we put a hold on baby-led potty training.
In between bouts of toilet-related fun, I've been trying (and mostly failing) to get some time in at the allotment between downpours.  Everything seems to be going berserk at the moment - everything needs planting/pricking out/staking/weeding (lordy, the weeds are sprouting like mad) all at once, and it's been rather tricksy to get anything actually done because it's been so blooming wet!  My assistant didn't mind the rain though:

All great fun, until she splashed a bit over-enthusiastically and got mud in her wellies.  Then we had to go home.
I've also been experiencing a bit of crochet-fest lately.  The squares for my all star blanket are piling up nicely:
I also felt the need to make some granny squares (or 'stash-busters' as I like to call them):
I've made twelve of these now and am currently joining them to make the front of a cushion.  I'm thinking of backing it in some lovely brushed cotton that I've got, but I'm a bit puzzled about how to join fabric and crochet - does anyone have any suggestions?
And finally, the boys wanted me to photograph this for you all to look at:
It's a good job I took this photo when I did - a split second after I took it middle aka 'Captain Clumsy' knocked the table and all the soldiers fell over, prompting the sort of heated discussion that only two brothers can have.  (Gaaaah - is it me, or do all brothers argue all the time?  Please say that it's normal, or I might have to take myself off to my bedroom for a weep).
And then, because I'd taken a picture of the boys' toys, baby (who I really feel needs to be re-christened.  I'm thinking Foghorn Lil might be a good name, but maybe I'll just call her 'small') wanted me to take a photo of what she was playing with:
So there you have it - life in my neck of the woods.
I just wanted to say thank you so much for your comments on my last post and to my new followers and I'm sorry I haven't had much of a chance to get round to replying or visiting you - I'm planning a bit of a blog-blitz tomorrow to rectify that, but in the meantime, thank you so much for visiting me - it's so brilliant to know that you're all out there! x


  1. Oh Emily,

    I think we share the same daughter! I am going through EXACTLY the same thing with my twenty six month old. I know something will change at some point in the future but I certainly can't see it happening now! I think potty training toddlers is like trying to control the weather: very tricky.

    Let's hold hands, please? ;-)

  2. Ah potty training...such fun times. And I thought boys were bad. I have always heard girls were a piece of cake, at least all my friends with girls told me that. Maybe they were just being superior and smug as my boys were probably teenagers before they were trained. Actually now that I think about it they still have a hard time aiming so maybe they aren't trained at all.
    Hugs to you, Motherhood isn't for sissy's.

  3. Self potty training! least she is not against the idea like some littlies are.
    Boys do argue, just a sibling thing but I'd still go off into the bedroom to have a weep if you felt so inclinded. Get all that frustration of being a mum to cranky kids out of your system.
    I'm glad in between the rain, faux potty training, and being child referee you have found some time for crochet.
    Have a lovely day,
    Anne xx

  4. Urgh!! Potty training is horrendous!!! HORRENDOUS! Both my girls have made it as difficult as humanly possible. My eldest decided that she was capable of defying the laws of nature...she decided she no longer 'wanted' to poo. Nope she wasn't going to poo. So she held it. For four days. Squeezing & squeezing back in whilst standing behind curtains. She then proceeded to complain of horrendous tummy ache. I took her to the Dr's. The Dr felt her tummy. All was well, nothing nasty going on except a cast iron will (can't think where she gets that from?!). Just give her apple juice & lots of fruit, she can't hold on to it forever and eventually she'll have no choice but to poo because her bowels will take over. Well, let me tell you....I've never seen so much shit come out of a two year old!!! She was getting undressed for a bath and BAM! She couldn't squeeze it back in any longer....IT LOOKED LIKE AN ELEPHANT HAD CRAPPED IN HER BEDROOM!!! I have no idea where she can have stored it all or where on earth it was backing up to!!!! She just seemed to explode in a shower of shit! Masses & masses of it! Pmsl!! I can now laugh loads about it and we talk of the elephant poo incident but oh boy at the time, wanted to run away! So lots of sympathy coming your way :) oh and thank god for putting the nappy back on!!

    Now arguing...well my two girls argue CONSTANTLY and very violently! So it's not just boys. Girls can be incredibly bitchy too which is just horrid. So I think horrible arguing is normal whatever the sexes so no need to take yourself to your bed for a weep :D

    I have star crochet square envy! They look just perfect. I can't wait to see the blanket all finished. I fancy Lucy Attic 24 has a tutorial for sewing on a fabric back to a cushion and does t by hand. I might be tempted if possible to run it through a sewing machine...but I've never been sure myself so not done it! will wait to see how you tackle it :D

    Goodness I seem to have written an essay! Sorry :) I love your posts though I can always completely relate to the way that you write. I think if we chatted over a cuppa the cuppa would go stone cold cos I'd not stop :) lol

    Hope you have a lovely day blog reading and I shall now leave this space!

    Love & hugs,

    Jo x x x

  5. You write so well. (fairenoughski in now in my inner dictionary)
    Don't weep alone....lets do coffee! text me inbetween the chaos!
    fee x

  6. This made me laugh as this morning Angus decided he wouldn't wear nappies today, thank you very much, but preferred his thomas pants...we are on our second change of clothes today already.

    Crochet cushion sounds nice - like you I have always wondered how you attach crochet to cotton. Please share if you figure out how! xx

  7. Oh how i adore your posts! you are so funny...and a very clever post writer indeedy!
    I had forgotten all about the potty training frustration (well mine are 20 and 18 so its just as well!) but it has all just come flooding back!
    loving that crochet :o)
    love jooles x

  8. I've just stopped for a quick lunch break and although I haven't got time, just had to say hi!!! Been such a long time...

    BIG sympathy for you with the potty training. I close my ears at any mention of it ever since my niece, when potty training, came running towards me with a full - smelly - (heave) pott, trousers round her ankles saying delightedly! 'Auntie Nicki, look what I've done'. OMG. Don't know how you mums put up with it! Apparently my face was a picture but I managed to squeak out a half-hearted 'well done, darling!'.

    Just wanted to let you know that my sis and I argued loads when were kids. We had full on punch-ups in the back of the car apparently and sent my mum potty whilst she was driving us around. We are the best of friends now though and it all evened out when we were teenagers. So I think your boys are bonding, that's all. Just put your headphones on when it gets too much.



  9. I am terrified of potty training - which is lucky as at the moment as my two year old has no problem with sitting in a pooey nappy till the stink finally reaches me!
    She has the same wellies as your little one and also loves a puddle or too!
    I love the star crochet, where do you find the time?!

  10. My daughter used to strip down in the garden and go on the grass. It makes you wonder what goes through their little minds! At least your little one has an awareness of the whole're halfway there! Your grannies and stars are looking good!

  11. My daughter, before she turned two told me one day on holiday 'No more nappy' I had to drive a long way to get some little knickers for her and a pottie. After many wet knickers I told her that she would have to go back into nappies.....'noooooooo' she actually got it after that, much to my surprise and delight. At least your daughter isn't pottie shy, that's a plus.
    xx Sandi

  12. I have two boys and two girls, all pretty much grown now, but put any two together and they can still argue over nothing, the girls just as determinedly as the boys, they simply don't do it as often. Luckily they are all great mates, but when they were younger my entire day seemed to consist of pouring oil on troubled waters. As with most things, potty training included, it will pass x

  13. Yep, it's normal, my boys argue continuously, only breaking to eat. (I'm having an odd moment about that breaking is it braking or braking I can't believe that I can't think....brain dead!)

    Love, love, love your star squares.....don't love potty poor dab! I have no advice, just as Annie says, it wil pass, although first time I read it, I thought I said somethn else....oooops!

  14. Oh Emily, you are a fab writer... your tales of pants and poo have really me smile, hope she gets the hang of it soon! Still loving the star squares too, I really must have a go at some. Jenny xx

  15. Hey Emily, sounds like life's pretty busy in your neck of the woods....thank goodness for a bit of crochet to save your sanity, hehe.....

    Potty training, those days are long behind me but yes I remember the circus!! Have just read through some of the other comments and cupcakejojo has me in hysterics.... so glad I don't have any similar stories. All the best with it and I love little stacks of crocheted goodness too.....

    Hope the Spring weather is playing nice over there, have a fab weekend,

    Claire x

  16. My nearly 3 year old son just can't be bothered to even try so I'm leaving it for now - I suppose he'll have to be out of nappies by the time he goes to school but hopefull will agree to sit on a potty or loo before then. Gah!!
    Parts of our allotment are very squelchy and he's mamaged to get water in his wellies too, it's great making a dash for home as the heavens open carting a hoe and fork and bag of essentials and some leeks and a small child. Oh for a few days of sunshine!