Sunday, 29 April 2012

That's entertainment

So here's a quiz question for you: what do you do if it's cold and wet and miserable outside?
Answer: if you're me, you do this:
If you're a small boy, you hunker down on the sofa in front of a film and do this:
And if you're a suitably-sized girl, you watch all the lovely warm clothes being unloaded from the tumble drier into the washing basket, and then you do this:
Ingenious! x
PS - I nearly forgot to say - I've just bought a bike!  Eeeek.  I like to think I'm being healthy and more green, and I have visions of me wafting dreamily down the road to my allotment and filling my wicker basket with homegrown goodness for my family; the cynical amongst you (and those that actually know me) might think it's so that I can escape to my plot on a summer's evening and drink wine sitting in the sun next to my shed, but that thought would never enter my head, honest...


  1. Have you got one of those small-town local rags with you....I can just see your face emblazoned on the front with you weaving along the roads on your way back from the allotment a little worse for wear....or better still on one of those dodgy police programs my kids like to watch, where they've caught you on camera....I don't think you get £250 for appearing on police camera action!

    Hasn't the weather been rubbish? I can see why everyone chose their respective activities. Have a good week.x

  2. That looks like a perfect way to spend a wet Sunday. We hid in soft play centres and book shops, but I did get some sneaky sewing in during nap time...

    I love the idea of a vintage bike but know the reality would be very different! xx

  3. I think a wet day is the best because it gives you the excuse to sit inside and crochet, or read, or watch a movie. Perfect if you ask me! Good luck with the bike, and the wine of course.

  4. Now that is genius - bike, wine, allotment love the combination! Might have to copy that :)

  5. Hehehe Emily....whatever the reason for getting the bike, well done, I'm sure you'll enjoy using it once you get some nice, sunny weather.....

    I love little stacks of crochet goodness, hope the sky is looking that blue very soon....

    Have a great week,

    Claire ✿✿

  6. I bought a bike about three years ago. I have not yet ridden it on the roads around us as I'm too scared - the cars just go way too fast round here! Hope you enjoy those glasses of wine at the allotment - sounds bliss. xx

  7. No it wouldn't enter my head either:o)


  8. Hi, lovely blog. Your crochet blankets are beautiful, makes me want dig out my wool again, but I've got too much else on at the moment! I would love to see more of your allotment :)

  9. I've got to be honest, I would be hard pushed to choose between these options!

  10. I posted a picture of a knitted basket on a bike on my FB page a couple of days ago (are we FB pals?)
    Looking forward to seeing you - fingers crossed for sunshine! (or even just dry?)
    Fee Fee Folle (that's right, my flamin' clown name!!!)

  11. We believe you ;D

    Me on a wet day, blog reading and knitting, obviously ;D