Monday, 18 July 2011

Vanilla sugar and an award

These little sweetpeas are sitting on the kitchen windowsill, bringing us a little bit of summer cheer as we drag ourselves kicking and screaming (well, we would kick and scream if we had the energy) through the last few days of term.  Ugh, this seems to be the longest term ever in the history of the entire universe and frankly, I've. Had. E. Nuff.  Now, I know that, approximately three days into the holidays, I will be wondering what the hell I was on about here, but at this precise moment, I just can't wait for the hols to start.  We're all just a bit fractious; fractious in a walking dead sort of way.  In fact, if you see a family of zombies walking stilt-leggedly down the road, it's us - please give us a Lucozade and point us towards home.
On a slightly more positive note, there have been a couple of happy occurrences in the nut household over the past few days: we had a lovely afternoon today (edit: this bit doesn't make sense any more as it's Tuesday and in fact we were at our friends' house on Sunday, which is when I originally tried to publish this post, despite the fact that it says Monday at the top.  Confused?  Me too!) with some very good friends (food, wine, conversation - adults; Coke, ice cream, running around - kids).  Essentially, we spent several hours eating and drinking then attempting to slump on the sofa (well, the adults did - it's hard to slump when you've got six children running around and jumping on your head.  Why is it that food has absolutely the opposite effect on you when you're, say, five, and when you're just a smidge over 35?  When does the change happen?  Actually, it's when you're a student, isn't it?  Silly me.)
I took a little something I'd rustled up, for my friend - not sure if she'll ever use it, but it looked nice on her windowsill.  (This isn't her windowsill, this is my kitchen worktop - thought even she might think I was a little crackers if I took my camera round specifically to photograph a jar of sugar; though I could be wrong.)
And the second little highlight for me was winning this award from the lovely Dinki Dots.
Thank you so much for this - I'm really thrilled and slightly worried, cos now I have to come up with seven new, interesting facts about me...Eeek!  (I think I might continue to scratch my head for a bit longer and post my facts later in the week.  Cop out?  Sorry!)  In the meantime, I'm passing the award on to Nelly's Eggs, Chipper Nelly, Cuckoo and Homebird because they never fail to make me smile - thanks gals!
I'm going to finish today with the latest installment from my assistant:
In the words of the lady herself: uh-oh x
Edit: I've just noticed I seem to be having a bit of an issue with my post not updating - not sure if this is a problem with Blogger (though other people's posts seem to have updated okay) or whether it's because baby n dropped the laptop from the sofa onto the very floorboards that you can see in the photo above.  I'm hoping it's the Blogger thing.


  1. What a great blog I have found here!
    Am loving all the little crochet treats in your title photo and have been having a read of your posts- all very, very super:)
    Am your newest follower so I can keep in touch!
    Do pop over and say Hi if you have the time. I love a little bit of crochet and some (siiiimple) sewing too.

  2. How funny! I gave you the same award in my last post! Well there you go, you must really deserve this one! Congratulations and thanks for such a lovely blog giving us lots of interesting and inspiring bits to read!
    Becky x

  3. I doubt you could ever look like a zombie Emily but I know that feeling!!!! end of term is always manic and this week for me is no exception and I'm like you, can't wait for the hols to begin.

    Your bunting is looking gorgeous, I've just finished some myself to hang outside on my pergola, if the sun ever shines again of course!!

    I love sweetpeas, they are just to pretty and delicate, lovely.


  4. You made me laugh with this post. I felt the same way with my kids schoolong, finals and allthat stuff drove me mad, then after two days of vacation my house was a mess, dishes and water bottles everywhere, I just about had a stroke.

  5. Hello,

    THANK YOU!!! (said in a big heartfelt way, not aggressive shouting as it sometimes appears when you use capitals).
    Very much appreciated...and I love the idea that you might take a gift to a friends then ask if you can photograph it, you definitely should have, too funny!
    Nelly xxx

  6. Vanilla sugar is such a lovely gift. My family still thinks I am crazy for all the things I photograph even after 2 years of blogging. We finished school in June -- I go back on August 14th since I work in admin -- only 3-1/2 weeks to go. Enjoy your holidays. Tammy

  7. Good luck with the painting - I'm suddenly feeling very responsible!! I'm sure you will be very pleased with the end result - it's just getting to the end result that's the problem!!! xx