Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Is it me?  Does this look not unlike a crochet blanket?  Or have I just allowed crochet to take over my life to a worrying degree?
This picture comes from my new favourite book: 100 Things by Masayuki Sebe
The illustrations are brilliant; I love the colours and the stylised design:
Kitchen sofa blanket, here we come! x


  1. Hi Emily,

    Looks like a lovely book.

    I love your African flowers. I discovered them recently too and managed to sneak in a couple between boxes!

    Oh, and poor Rafa. My number one too. My last turned eight not long ago too. Still adorable though.

    Liz xxx

  2. oooh that does look like a super cute book, i spotted a snooty elephant and cross rat in there!
    can't wait to see what it inspires.
    thanks for your comment, i found the pattern on heidibears blog, they are beautiful and im itching to have a go when i can sit up for a while that is!
    thanks love j x

  3. Liking the look of that book, surely I can't spend any more money on Amazon? I seem to have forgotten that it actually comes out of our account, it is just so easy to click 'add to basket'! One more won't hurt surely...
    Nelly xx

  4. I'm with nelly (I probably told her it wasn't real spending!)
    Lovely book -look forward to seeing your makes!
    (have emailed you)

  5. Hello my bloggy friend! I haven't dropped by for a while, been so busy... I'm desperately trying to finish my treat scarf but the longer I make it, the longer I want it so it's just growing and growing and growing...! So enjoying it and am getting a real sense of achievement making it. Will be in touch when I get to the edging.

    Lovely book, the colours are beautiful and I can see the inspiration for a blanket.

    Nicki xx Oh, I've put the almond cake recipe in a special little tab on my blog if you want to have a go at it. Have a fab week! x

  6. That book looks like great inspiration for some funky applique!

  7. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. I tried to reply to the comment you left me but you're a 'no-reply blogger' which means I can't email you back.
    If you'd like to amend your settings I've linked to a tutorial here - Hope you don't mind me saying :)