Monday, 11 July 2011

Fruits of my labour

Life in the nut house (pppfff.  Can't believe that's the first time I've written that) has been pretty frenzied lately.  Big N had a great birthday - cake, Pizza Express, Kung Fu Panda II, over-excited friends, Lego - what more could an eight-year-old boy want in life?  My mum paid a visit for a couple of days; our time-share dog paid a visit for a couple of days (at the same time as my mum, conveniently); we had lunch dates with friends, nights out with other friends, birthday parties...  Madness.  In amongst all the social-butterfly-ery, there have been the usual not-so-thrilling domestic duties chomping at my heels and I am proud to confirm that I have, indeed, finally cleaned the bathroom.  Great.  That'll keep us going for the next six months, then.  I've also managed to spend a bit of time in the garden - middle N and I were surprised and thrilled in equal measure to find these two beauteous strawbs on the plants by our front door.  I say surprised, because despite daily checks on the ripeness of said strawberries, the bloomin birds always seem to be one step ahead of us when it comes to eating them at just the right moment.  We were at home on our own when we discovered them, so we ate them quickly before the others got back.  (Ignorance is bliss, and all that...)
And as for the blackcurrants:
After four years, I finally got a large enough crop to make a crumble.  
I'm aiming for two next year...
And my lovely sweetpeas are starting to flower - hurrah.
I've got about a squillion WIPs on the go at the moment - so many, in fact, that my head's getting in a bit of a muddle thinking about what I'm going to finish first.  Which reminds me - I have a pressing need for Mollie Makes' lavender-filled strawberries as I seem to have a bit of an issue with moths eating holes in my clothes. Anyone have any ideas how to get rid of the blighters?  I always thought they lived in old people's houses and ate fur coats, but it seems they live in middle-aged people's houses and eat John Lewis cardigans too.  Must dash - I need to Google 'how to rid your home of clothes-eating moths' x


  1. Sounds like you've had lots of fun! We have not had any of our strawberries as they keep disappearing (birds or squirrel, not sure). I was kind of concerned yesterday when a moth flew out of the airing cupboard, where I keep all my crochet blankets. Happy Birthday to the new 8 year old! xx

  2. you have been busy bees!
    hope you enjoyed the crumble, i had enough blackcurrants for cupcakes! fingers crossed for next year like you :o)
    i think try a gun on those pesky moths, that'll teach them!
    j x

  3. Hello (via Peacock Blue)! I think cedar balls are good for moths as well as lavender. I've 3 young children as well so look forward to hearing about your tales too (I'm also good at doing that ignoring thing re washing/cleaning!).

  4. Those strawberries look fab, I seem to have a load of those small wild (?) strawberry plants where they are so small you barely get a mouthfull. We apparently have hazelnuts in our garden too but the squirrels get there first so we've never had any. I'm clearly never going to outwit a squirrel on the nut front!
    Nelly xxx

  5. Fart in the wardrobe then shut the door quick!